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    • Stadium - Freeport L.I.

    • Freeport Muncipal Stadium - Freeport (N.Y.); Racing automobiles; Athletic fields;
    • Black and white photograph of the Freeport Muncipal Stadium. This 26 arcre track of land was purchased by the Village in 1929. [Description from: Freeport as It Was, Clinton Metz, 1976, page 16]. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., June 12, 1934, 5:30...
    • Greetings from Freeport, L.I.

    • Hotels; Bank buildings; School buildings; Yachting; Railroad stations
    • Eight small black and white photographs of: Crystal Lake Inn, Freeport Bank, Freeport Club House, Woodcleft Canal, Oyster Boats, Yachting on Great So. Bay, Rail Road Station, and Freeport High School. Includes a raised gold seal of New York State...
    • Freeport Theatre, Freeport, L.I., N.Y.

    • Freeport Theatre--Freeport (N.Y.); Motion picture theaters; Theaters
    • Colorized postcard of the Freeport Theatre located on Sunrise Highway at Henry Street. Century Theaters ran this theater as well as the Grove Theatre on Merrick Road. In 1922, the Freeport Theater Corporation, headed by Col. Robert Rasmussen,...
    • Main Street, Freeport, L.I.

    • Main Street--Freeport (N.Y.); Freeport Bank--Freeport (N.Y.); Van Riper's Hall--Freeport (N.Y.); Streets
    • Black and white postcard of South Main Street looking south from the cannon. The photograph was probably taken around 1905. The stone-faced building on the left was the Freeport Bank. The tall building on the right was Van Riper's Hall, widely...
    • On the Merrick Road, Freeport, L.I.

    • Merrick Road - Freeport (N.Y.); Ocean Avenue - Freeport (N.Y.); Streets
    • Black and white postcard of Merrick Road at Ocean Avenue. Addressee and Address: "Miss Lillie Van Buren, 54th Street n. New Utrech Ave., Blyth, Bklyn City" Message: "Dear Uncle Billie, We thank you very much for our Christmas presents. Hope that...
    • Church of the Transfiguration Church, Freeport, L.I.

    • Churches; Episcopal churches; Church of the Transfiguration--Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Color postcard of the Church of the Transfiguration located on the east side of South Long Beach Avenue, south of Pine Street. This Episcopal church, was built in 1894 and later replaced by a brick church in 1951. Postmark: "August 18, 1926,...
    • Freeport Club. Freeport, L.I.

    • Clubhouses; Freeport Club--Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Color postcard of Freeport Club, located on the west side of Grove Street, just south of Sunrise Highway. Postmark: "February 23, 1907, Freeport, N.Y., 9 a.m." Addressee and Address: "Marlon H. Cornelius, 93 William Street, Hempstead, Long Island"...
    • Freeport Club, Freeport, L.I.

    • Clubhouses; Freeport Club House - Freeport (N.Y.); Clubs
    • Black and white postcard of the Freeport Club. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., November 14, 1906, 8 p.m." Addressee and Address: " Halstead Smith, Village" Message: "Nov. 14. The rhetoricals are on Fri. p.m. of this week. Be at our room by 3:15 and...
    • Main Street, Freeport, L.I.

    • Main Street--Freeport (N.Y.); Streets; Sunrise Highway--Freeport (N.Y.); Automobiles; Olive Building--Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Colorized postcard of Main Street and Sunrise Highway. Olive Building appears on the left hand side of photograph with a running on Main Street. Postmark: "October 10, Freeport, N.Y." Addressee and Address: "Mrs. Joseph McShea, 151 Fifth Ave....
    • Main Street, Freeport, L.I.

    • Merrick Road - Freeport (N.Y.); Main Street--Freeport (N.Y.); Street railroad stations; Stores and shops;
    • Black and white postcard of the northeast corner of Merrick Road and Main Street taken in 1904. Stores line the street including Seaman's Dry Goods store. Barbershop pole is visible on the left side of the photograph. tracks run down the street...
    • Freeport L.I. Woodclift Home [Woodcleft Inn]

    • Woodcleft Inn - Freeport (N.Y.); Hotels; Orphanages;
    • Black and white postcard of the Woodcleft Inn that is identified in the postcard as the "Woodclift Home." Woodcleft Inn faced Front Street at the head of Woodcleft Canal and house 200 guests. The inn eventually became a Catholic orphanage and/or...
    • Fishing Pool, Freeport, L.I.

    • Lakes and ponds; Fishing
    • Black and white postcard of three boys on a bridge at the Fishing Pool. This early bridge on Mill Road covered the millrace from Horsfal's Pond to a grist and saw mill. Postmark: Freeport, N.Y., August 14, 1907, 8 p.m." Addressee and Address: Miss...
    • Freeport Bathing Beach, Freeport, L.I., N.Y.

    • Freeport Bathing Beach - Freeport (N.Y.); Beaches
    • Colorized postcard of Freeport Bathing Beach. Same postcard as item - 1962.002.047 but colorized differently.¹ostmark: "Middleburg, N.Y. June 13, 19--, 7 a.m." Addressee and Address: Marie Von Thecelen, c/o Mr. Allard, "25 Edgewood Lane,...
    • Freeport, L.I., North Main St.

    • Main Street--Freeport (N.Y.); Streets; Dwellings;
    • Black and white postcard of North Main Street with homes on either side. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., June 27" Addressee and Address: "Miss L. Adele Miller, Greenport, Long Island, N.Y." Message: "Dear Adele, There are two postals from Marvin...
    • First National Bank, Railroad Avenue, Freeport, L.I.

    • First National Bank--Freeport (N.Y.); Bank buildings; Railroad stations; Railroad Avenue--Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Colorized postcard of the First National Bank and the Freeport Railroad Station, looking east down Railroad Avenue. Postmark: "Freeport, October 13, 1916. " Addressee and Address: "Mrs. Ethie Turner, Branch Street, Bennington, VT" Message: "Dear...
    • First National Bank and Trust Company, Freeport, L.I.

    • First National Bank and Trust Company--Freeport (N.Y.); Bank buildings; Sunrise Highway--Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Colorized postcard of the First National Bank and Trust Company, Freeport, L.I. located on Sunrise Highway. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., August 22, 1962, 12 p.m." Addressee and Address: "Mr. and Mrs. D. Schoen, c/o Stewart, Mountainview Hse,...
    • Freeport, L.I., Freeport Bank

    • Freeport Bank - Freeport (N.Y.); Banks;
    • Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., October 23, 1908, 12 p.m." Addressee and Address: "Miss Maude Nichols, Sidney, N.Y., Box 327" Message: "I don't know what you think of me for not thanking you for the fine maple syrup you sent and the trouble you took to...
    • Prospect Gun Club

    • Prospect Gun Club - Freeport (N.Y.); Clubs
    • Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., April 10, 1912, 10 a.m." Addressee and Address: "Miss E. Beatrice Vail, Ledgewood Farm House, Round Top, N.Y. Greene Co." Message: "Dear Bee, So glad you are having a good time. Don't fall in the syrup pot and don't...
    • Grove Theatre, Freeport, L.I., N.Y.

    • Grove Theatre - Freeport (N.Y.); Theaters;
    • Color postcard of the Grove Theatre, located on Merrick Road. Dolores Costello is listed on the marquee. The store next to the theater is an ice cream/chocolate store owned by Karaman and Mercer. Postmark: "Brooklyn, N.Y. May 25, 1935, 7...
    • View of Randall's Park, Freeport, L.I., N.Y.

    • Randall, John Jay, (1846-1924); Woodbine--Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Colorized postcard of John J. Randall's estate. Known as "Woodbine", Mr. Randall's palatial home was located off of Lena Avenue. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., August 17, 1925, 7:30 a.m." Addressee and Address: "Mr. W. W. Raynor, 261 Union Ave.,...
    • Main and Church Streets, Freeport, L.I.

    • Church Street--Freeport (N.Y.); Main Street--Freeport (N.Y); Cannons; Stores and shops
    • Black and white postcard of the Main Street and Church Street. The Charles P. Smith building can be seen behind "Trubia", the Spanish War trophy cannon. Postmark: "Hempstead, N.Y., August 26, 1910, 3 p.m." Addressee and Address: "Miss Cecilia...
    • Spanish War Trophy, Freeport, L.I.

    • Church Street - Freeport (N.Y.); Main Street--Freeport (N.Y.); Cannons;
    • Black and white postcard of the cannon located on Main Street and Church Street. "Trubia", made in Spain in 1874 was captured by American during the Spanish American War in 1898. This war trophy was unveiled in 1902. Charles P. Smith building...
    • Views of Freeport, N.Y.

    • Freeport Bank--Freeport (N.Y.); Banks
    • Black and white postcard of the Freeport Bank. Postmark: "Baldwin, N.Y., May 12, 1908, 8 a.m." Addressee and Address: " Miss Marie O. Johnson, Freeport, L.I. N.Y. Box 38" Message: "Hello! Hello! Here is where I [illegible] now. Don't forget...
    • [Freeport Post Office]

    • Freeport Post Office - Freeport (N.Y.);
    • Color postcard of the Freeport Post Office. Printed on the reverse of the postcard: "Freeport, Long Island, N.Y. This lovely South shore village is directly on the waterfront, and offers excellent boating, fishing and water sports. This is a...
    • West Fulton Street, Freeport, L.I.

    • Fulton Street - Freeport (N.Y.); Streets; Dwellings;
    • Black and white postcard of houses along West Fulton Street, which later became Merrick Road. Postmark: "Rockville Centre, N.Y., August 26, 5:30 p.m." Addressee and Address: "Miss L. A. Miller, Greenport, Long Island, N.Y., c/o L.I.R.R. Agent" ...
    • Freeport, N.Y. Merrick Road

    • Merrick Road - Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Color postcard of Merrick Road. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y, February 26, 1908, 12 p.m." Addressee and Address: "Miss L. Adele Miller, Greenport, Long Island, N.Y." Message: "Feb. 25, 1908, Dear Adele, Have been to the City today took Rob along to...
    • Ocean Aveune, Freeport, L.I.

    • Ocean Avenue--Freeport (N.Y.); Streets; Dwellings; Houses
    • Black and white postcard of houses along Ocean Avenue. This photograph was identified in the book [1907, page 29] as showing the residence of Dr. William G. Miller Jr. (son of assemblyman Miller) located at 137 Ocean Avenue. Postmark:...
    • Greetings from Freeport

    • Boats and boating; Boats
    • Color postcard of a pleasure boat set inside a colorful depiction of a shell. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., October 7, 1909" Addressee and Address: "Milton Raynor, 910 Irving Ave., Syracuse, N.Y." Message: "Just a line to let you know I have not...
    • [House on Rose Street]

    • Streets; Dwellings; Houses; Rose Street - Freeport (N.Y.)
    • Black and white photograph of a house located at 270 Rose Street. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., August, 19, 1901, 8. a.m." Addressee and Address:"Miss Maude Nichols Sidney, Delaware Co., N.Y." Message: "1901 Freeport, Aug. 18, Dear M, Received your...
    • [Merrick Road]

    • Merrick Road - Freeport (N.Y.); Streets;
    • Black and white diamond shaped postcard of Merrick Road. Postmark: "Freeport, N.Y., December 22, 1904, 5 p.m." Addressee and Address: "Mrs. Margaret B. Wheeler, Baldwins, Long Island, N.Y." Message: "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Amy M....
    • Greetings from Freeport, L.I.

    • Boats; Lakes and ponds
    • Colorized postcard of five people in a rowboat on a pond/lake. Postmark: "Freeport" Addressee and Address: "Miss. Beatrice Vail, Ledgewood Farm House, Round Top N.Y., Greene Co." Message: "Dear Babe, The time is getting short and I hope to be with...
    • [Freeport Firemen]

    • Freeport Fire Department - Freeport (N.Y.); Fire fighters;
    • Black and white photograph of the Freeport Department. This photograph was taken about 1915. In this picture the Fire Department is lined up on Olive Boulevard (now Sunrise Highway) for inspection by the Village President and the Board of...
    • 11 Arrandale Avenue, on the North side of the street.

    • Schenck Family -- Homes and Haunts; Arrandale Avenue (Great Neck, N.Y.); Architecture, Domestic -- Great Neck (N.Y.); Great Neck, N.Y.
    • Blue tinted image printed on paper of the home of E. J. Schenck. As of October 2008, this home was still standing at 11 Arrandale Avenue. Parts of other homes can also be seen in this image. Item was produced through a printing process, not a...


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